10 minutes is all you need to complete this brand assessment designed to help you identify hidden marketing opportunities that can power your brand with minimal expense.

Has your business been taking advantage of every opportunity to promote your brand and advance business? Influence of the 5 marketing elements listed below often get underestimated. Fine-tuning in these areas will help you project a clear, unified message at every touch point.

What opportunities can you uncover for 2017! NIMBL marketing can help.



Question: Do the style elements of your brand reflect your CURRENT company mission/vision/values or are they dated?

Things You Can Do

  1. Review business mission/vision/values. Update if necessary.
  2. Review & assess the currency of all style elements: logo, colors, fonts, tagline, photography, graphics.
  3. Is everything working hard to reinforce your image, goals and direction. BE HONEST.
  4. Update as needed.


Questions: Do you hire with company culture in mind? Does your company have a defined culture? Do employees at every level of your company have a clear understanding of your mission/vision/values?

Things You Can Do

  1. Conduct brand training sessions with each department: management,sales, customer service, project management, accounting…
  2. Identify/promote concrete practices specific to each department to reinforce the brand.
  3. Create recognition programs to reward employees for “living the brand”
  4. Post, print and distribute a one page mission/vision/values statement.


Question: Are you using stories at every level of your business to relate with customers, overcome objections and sell?

Things You Can Do

  1. Identify real company stories surrounding those topics that illustrate  how you helped customers win/overcome these situations.
  2. Conduct sessions w/ each department to identify common issues & customer objections. 
  3. Include personal details, quantitative/qualitative results and quotes. 
  4. Keep the stories focused on client perspective/impact.
  5. Encourage employees and departments to share and practice telling the stories until they become part of your customer-focused culture.


Question: Are you using every customer touch-point possible to reinforce your brand?

Things You Can Do

  1. Create a list of all possible business communication opportunities: presentations, proposals, cards, annual report, collateral, email signatures, signage, phone greetings & hold messages, invoices, sales receipts, company vehicles and more.
  2. Review each element to determine whether it reflects your brand and advances your business.
  3. Design & update each as needed.


QuestionAre you aware of and responding to online opinion specific to your business. Employees and customers are both influential brand ambassadors.

Things You Can Do

  1. Identify online review sites relevant to your business (Google, Yelp, CitySearch, FB, TripAdvisor, Glass Door, Zomato).
  2. Monitor and respond asap to reviews and feedback. 
  3. Ask satisfied customers for positive reviews. 
  4. Consider negative reviews as an opportunity for improvement and to gain a new fans.

Hope you found this review worth your while and that you've identified a few opportunities to strengthen your brand in 2017!